Types Of Easels: How to Find the Right One for You

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Convenient Easels For Your Own Art Studio

You have always wanted to be an artist, but could never find the time. You had to work hard each day to support your family. Now you can devote your time as well as your creativity to creating some of the beautiful paintings you have always wanted to create. You have your own art studio and you are willing to put in the effort to create some stunning pieces.

A lot of artists do quite a lot of work at home and use an easel. This is a good idea for many reasons. First of all, it can give you a lot of flexibility for your art. You can also have a lot of privacy in your home and not need to leave the easel set up all day.

If you like to work outside you can simply bring the easel along with you. Then when you find a place where you want to work you can quickly get set up. You don’t even need to bring along large pieces of equipment. You can simply use an easel bag and pack up everything you need for your art project quickly.

A-frame Easels

Rather basic, the A-frame is a handy canvas holder. It's essentially a rectangle with legs to hold a canvas upright, usually found in the studio.

Commonly found in homes, A-frame are ideal for small spaces, such as living rooms. It takes less space than regular wooden easels and it doesn't require assembly. A-frame is easy to use and it's fairly sturdy, the main disadvantage being its inability to hold canvases larger than 35" in width.

Hybrid Easels

The hybrid easel is the most popular and versatile of the three. Hybrid easels fold up and are easy to transport. Usually made of aluminum or sturdy canvas, these easels are useful for both outdoor and indoor work.

One thing that makes these easels so mobile is that the canvas can be removed and put on a wall. When removing the canvas from some easels, keep in mind that the bottom of the canvas will need to be stapled to the base of the easel before the canvas can be put against the wall.

Some easels come with a built-in paper holder that can be collapsed or removed. When collapsed, the paper holder makes the easel smaller for storage or transportation.

Bench Easels

Bench easels are the most traditional type. They’re designed to sit on a table or on the floor and to be used while standing up. They can be tilted or set at a constant 45 degrees for drawing or painting from an easel pad.

This is a great model for working in any setting, but it is my personal favorite because it’s so useful and versatile. It’s also a great choice for travel since it’s lightweight and easy to carry once it’s folded down.

This small option also allows the user to add a storage tray on the bottom. If you’re going to be carrying your easel around, consider adding this to the one that you buy.

Here is a fantastic article on choosing the best school easel.

Compact Art Easels

Most easels fold flat for travel and storage. This, however, does not mean that they are lightweight.

They feature a sturdy post and a wide base that keeps the canvas upright. These easels are generally used for painting during leisure time, for work at the studio, and for student projects at the art college. They are also widely available in local retail stores like Target.

The best compact easels are the ones that are compact for travel but are sturdy enough to utilize at home. These would include the Winsor & Newton Artists Pocket Easel and the Quik-Lok Jr..

The Winsor & Newton Artists Pocket Easel is a compact easel that is very convenient to take with you, if you are traveling or need to work elsewhere. At 8 inches wide and 18 inches high, this easel will not occupy much space. It easily fits into a suitcase or overhead compartment for travel.

The Winsor & Newton Artists Pocket Easel is a sturdy easel that can also be utilized in your home. It features a folding metal tripod that holds panels, canvases, and boards up to 5 pounds in weight. It has a Quik-Lok clamp system that can be used with both the right and left hand. The Quik-Lok clamp is a precision clamp that is unique to Winsor & Newton easels. It has a rust resistant finish for durability.

Single Mast Easels

If you intend on taking your kids out painting with you, or simply hate feeling like you are tied to a specific spot with a normal easel, a mast style one is a good choice.

Single mast easels have an adjustable single support stick that is attached to the floor, which will allow you to paint in any which direction you need to.

The mast is supported with a single beam, which is usually thick and has a canvas or panel tied to it. Setting up the easel is very simple, with no complex parts.

This type of easel is great for large canvases, and will let you paint at heights, like standing on a ladder. Some models are designed to fold into a single stick for easy storage.

Heavy Duty Easels

If you are serious about becoming a professional artist, you should definitely invest in a heavy duty easel. This is the type of easel that you see being used by professional artists, especially those with a studio-style kind of set up. They are not super heavy, but they are much sturdier than the other two types.

Most of them are adjustable. This means that they are going to remain upright and steady no matter what kind of surface you use. When you are working on a painting in a studio, you will want a stand like this that can hold your paper steady no matter where you put it.

There is nothing worse than putting in a lot of effort on a painting and then having it tilted or leaning to one side. It gives the finished product a bit of an amateur feel, even if the actual painting has taken a lot of work.

H-frame Easels

H-frame easels are the most common type of easel, and the most widely used by artists. H-frame easels are the least expensive and most durable. Prices range from 100 to several hundred dollars. H-frame easels are made from wood or aluminum and have a horizontal bar. The main crossbar of the easel is adjustable. They typically have a sanded wooden tray at the bottom that holds the canvas. Some models have a canvas holder mounted on the top of the crossbar instead of a tray. This type of easel can be fitted with various accessories such as table dividers that can prevent paint from spilling onto your table, protective tops to hold brushes and charcoal pencils, and cabinets that hold paints and other products. H-frame easels are the most commonly used by artists and the most versatile.

Giant Easels

This type of easel is the most stable and also the most expensive. You can use it for oil paintings to small-scale bronze casting. The legs have three parts. The three legs are also adjustable.

The frame can hold the largest canvas you can get your hands on, so it’s perfect for both amateur and pro giant canvas lovers.

It comes with a tray for easy storage as you work, a gradient counterweight to balance your canvas and a kit for easy transportation.

Use the piece of mind that a large easel will offer while you work. The price you pay for this easel is well worth the stability and range of use.

It’s available in powder coated steel and in many different colors to match your artwork.

Wall Mount Easel

The most common and simple type of easel is the wall mount type. These easels can be mounted on the wall or stand, whichever you prefer.

But of course, there are downsides to having a wall-mounted easel; it’s not the most mobile. Nor does it provide you the mobility you require when you need to put it somewhere else.

Lift-Top Easel

This variety gives you the option to either mount it or place it on a table for greater mobility.

You can customise the height of the lift-top easel as per your convenience.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that this type of easel is more suited to large paintings, rather than smaller ones.

Tripod Easel

To make it easier to take your preferred easel along with you wherever you go, a tripod easel is your best choice.

This gives you the flexibility to take it anywhere with you and it’s especially suited to large scale paintings.

But when it comes to easels, it’s not all about the functionality. It’s also for the enjoyment you get from painting.

Easels for Special Occasions

Oversized Easels are ideal for temporary display of your paintings in the home or office. When you do not require them, they can be folded flat for easy storage.

Travel Easels are lightweight and have adjustable heights. This makes them ideal when you are away for your paintings and need to work on-the-go or outdoors.

Pop-Up Easels are extremely durable and are great for outdoor use because they are designed to keep the brushes and paints dry. Its tripod-like design allows you to store it easily when not in use.

Studio Easels are not the best choice for young beginners because they are designed for the experienced artist and offer more stability and durability.

Mini Easels are the perfect option for the artists who prefer to work outdoors or on the go. It offers convenience and portability and is the best option for artists with limited space and budget.

Wall-Mounted Easels are a convenient option for displaying finished paintings because they do not occupy much space. But the smaller canvas cannot support a very large canvas.

French Easels

French easels are known for their distinctive shape with the shorter top support, which holds up to a canvas. They are reasonably priced and easy to find, and are a great choice for the hobbyist.

French easels are also easy to fold away for easy storage.

A brief look at the top or bottom of a French easel allows you to recognize it without further inspection. One end of the easel has the signature look of a French easel, which is a tripod design with two U-shaped cradles that the canvas sits in.

The bottom of a French easel is made with three bolted rings that have a little bit of room for a standard paint palette and some brushes.

Display Easels

Display easels are amazing because their versatility. Easels can be used to display almost anything, including photographs, art, crafts, portfolios and collectibles. To qualify as a display easel, it must have a steady and secure base, a mechanism for adjusting the angle and rotation, and a means to hold a piece of display-ready material.

Since display easels are so common, many major art suppliers sell display easels or carry a variety of them in their stores. Some of these types of easels include rotating display easels, movable art displays, table top display easels, and large display easels.

Children’s Easels

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Having an easel in your house offers a lot of benefits. It allows you to foster your creativity and imagination. An art studio is essential for painters.

You can also use it for other purposes. The process of building an easel will take you on a wonderful journey of learning. Using one will help you increase your sense of art and creativity.

We’re going to take a look at the varieties of easels you can choose from.