6 Best White Face Paint For Clowns, Cosplay, & More

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White face paint is a staple of the circus-goer. Be it for a clown, a cosplayer, or for Halloween, I know many people love using white face paint on their face. Here are 6 of the best white face paint products for you to consider.

I'm going to be honest with you:

White face paint requires a bit of skill and experience so some of the products listed here are not going to look too good.

If you're wondering how to apply white face paint on your face correctly, you might want to check out: 6 Super Easy Ways to Apply White Face Paint (with Pictures)

All products below are sorted out based on their star rating, price, features, ease of use, and other important information.

I hope this list helps you find the right white face paint for you!

Snazaroo Face PaintBest OverallSnazaroo Face Paint
Snazaroo Classic Face and Body PaintBudget PickSnazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint
Ben Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5Upgrade PickBen Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5

1. Snazaroo Face Paint

Our rating: 9 / 10

Snazaroo Face Paint

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  • One of the best face paint for acrylics
  • Dries fast, leaving the skin feeling soft
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Water-resistant, easy to clean off
  • Good color coverage
  • A Little goes a long way Cons:
  • Can’t handle high natural oils, such as olive oil
  • Sometimes, it can get sticky
  • Need to wash hands frequently when handling the paints

The Snazaroo 50 ml face painting cake works as according to your need whether you want to use it for face painting, body painting, or you want to use it for face makeup. The face painting cake and the face painting kit come with many tools to help you use the face painting cake easily without facing any difficulties. This face painting cake is made in suitable quantity and with perfect ingredients to give you natural skin tones. The Snazaroo face paint cake is totally safe to use and the skin doesn’t get irritated with the presence of any harsh chemicals.

2. Mehron Makeup Clown White Professional Makeup

Our rating: 9 / 10

Mehron Makeup Clown White Professional Makeup

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  • It doesn’t leave a shine
  • Easy to apply, dries fast and doesn’t clump
  • Use for facepaint
  • Can be used for a character that doesn’t require you to smile

Mehron: Pro-White Professional Makeup from Mehron is a high quality professional white makeup. It is perfect for Halloween costumes like a clown, snowman, or an alien creature. It also works well for designs in your face such as a cat, devil, or skull.

This creative makeup is as white as white gets. It’s easy to apply and blend. You don’t need to use a lot to cover either. It can be used with either a brush or a sponge. The sponge is recommended if you’re trying to achieve a smoother look.

This product is made in the USA. It’s hypoallergenic and contains no parabens, phthalates, or other harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s safe to use on skin that may be sensitive.

3. TAG Face Paints

Our rating: 9 / 10

TAG Face Paints

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* Affordable
* Offers multiple shades for various face painting designs
* Pigments are regularly revised to suit Indian skin tones more accurately
* Easy to use brush applicator
* Soft and long-lasting
* Does not get dry easily

A lot of new face painters look up to TAG Face Paints as the best face paint brand, because it offers a wide range of colors, and the colors are actually true to the name. TAG paints come in multiple shades and are ideal to be used as white face paint to create your signature Halloween or movie/comic book character face painting. They dry and smudge-proof, so your face paint can be used anywhere, anytime.

The brushes are different from the usual makeup brush, they’re like paint brushes. The brushes are very soft and easy to hold for little hands, which makes it very convenient for painting little faces.

Although it’s not necessary, TAG Face Paints should be slightly moistened before use. By doing so, you can be certain of the longevity of your face paint. The paints are water-soluble and can be easily washed off with water.

4. Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face & Body Paint

Our rating: 8 / 10

Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face & Body Paint

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The Mehron Paradise AQ face paint offers a thick (but not too thick texture when applying). The color is white.

Let's face it, we're all a fan of white face paint. Most white face paints that are available in the market today tend to be quite thick and heavy. The Mehron Paradise face paint's main selling point is that it is a really thicker blend of white. It is a really high quality face paint that you can use as a base or a neutral color for other face paint projects.

This particular white paint also dries quickly, so you don't have to spend too much time sitting around waiting for the paint to set on your skin.

5. Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

Our rating: 8 / 10

Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

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  • Great for protecting your skin when applying makeup
  • Works great to reduce chafing

Also known as an anti-misting spray, the Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray can be used to protect your skin from certain kinds of makeup that can be applied excessively. This spray works great for skin that’s prone to allergies. It can also be used to prevent makeup from rubbing off and making you look uneven.

The Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray is great to use on your back when doing a body makeup. It’s especially useful in preventing clown makeup from rubbing off easily. You can spray it on your knee caps, neck, shoulders and any other areas you’re concerned about makeup from rubbing off.

6. Ben Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ben Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5

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  • Available in a 1 or 16 oz tub
  • Long lasting
  • Has a matte finish
  • Easy to apply


  • Only comes in one color
  • Not the best for people with darker skin tones

If you need white face paint for your clown costume or just in case you want to try face painting, then this could be the best choice for you. This is the Ben Nye Clown White Makeup from Ben Nye, a company known for their excellent theatrical supplies and special effects makeup.

7. Graftobian ProPaint White Swan

Our rating: 8 / 10

Graftobian ProPaint White Swan

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  • Best for professional artists
  • Smearable, so it can be blended
  • Long-lasting

The ProPaint White Swan from Graftobian is a makeup product that is commonly used by makeup artists. It’s a water-based, affordable, and professional-grade product.

The ProPaint White Swan allows you to add dots and swirls into areas on the face using a variety of tools. It looks gorgeous and down to earth. It can look very sophisticated when used around the mouth area, eyes, nose, and cheekbone area.

It’s smudgeable, so you can gently blend it if you want to. It’s best that you use your fingers to blend it to prevent wiping off the dots that you added.

8. Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint

Our rating: 8 / 10

Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint

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  • The paint is easy to apply
  • Low odor
  • The color is brilliant.
  • Dries very quickly
  • Has excellent coverage
  • Works well on fabric


  • Gets flaky when dry
  • Needs to be stirred again after a few hours
  • Some colors may not match what you see on TV

Snazaroo has been top of the class when it comes to creating special and scenic washable face painting kits for several years. They are actually the ones to develop the now famous clown white.

The brand’s water based products have a low odor and they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Each bottle comes with a six year shelf life.

When you open a Snazaroo bottle, you will find a handy application brush which does a great job at painting without the risk of streaking. The color comes out bright and vibrant which makes it the perfect choice for face painting and other body art for Halloween or just for parties.

9. Kryolan 1081 Supracolor 30g

Our rating: 7 / 10

Kryolan 1081 Supracolor 30g

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  • Easy to blend with different colors
  • Made from a nontoxic formula that’s safe for your skin
  • Designed for one-time use
  • Non-greasy formula


  • The paint has been known to crack in cold temperatures
  • Not made for children under the age of 3

This easy-to-use, nontoxic white face paint is a great choice if you need to cover your skin for a chance of color.

Kryolan’s white face paint is easy to mix, as it’s designed to blend smoothly with other colors. It’s safe to use on your skin, since it’s a nontoxic formula. You’ll also love that this paint won’t irritate your skin or leave a greasy residue.

Plus, its formula won’t crack when it’s cold.

10. Clown White Cream 2.5 oz.

Our rating: 7 / 10

Clown White Cream 2.5 oz.

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  • Affordable price
  • Good coverage (especially if you’re fair skinned)
  • Not much of an odor
  • Long-lasting
  • May feel greasy but fades into skin


  • Can feel stiff or have a waxy feel to it if you’re not using it correctly
  • Some of the ingredients can make it feel stiff and waxy.

The Clown White Cream from Ben Nye is an inexpensive industrial cream that will last you a long time. It can feel very stiff when you apply it, but once it dries it doesn’t feel unnatural and goes on very smooth.

It dries fairly fast, so you can apply it as early as you’d like. Your other alternative is to mix it with your foundation or primer, which will help extend its use and make it last much longer. You can also mix it into some of the other creams on our list to change up the texture and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of face paint do clowns use?

It might be tempting to go buy a clown make-up kit from a drugstore or Halloween store, but, in reality, those kinds of kits are not great quality, and many are made in countries with no regulations when it comes to cosmetics. They’re also likely to contain ingredients that are irritating and unhealthy, like parabens.

The best make-up kits for clowning around are actually made for face painting. They’re made of high-quality, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic makeup. What does that mean? It’s made to be gentle on your skin, will not clog your pores, and is easily removable.

What is the best face paint for cosplay?

Some face paints can be used for more than just making a costume.

The gray face paint, for example, is suitable for everyday wear and can make you look very attractive.

If you need to have an additional coverage of your face’s natural tone, you can use flesh-colored face paint.

Also, you can use the face paint to create special details on your face, like around the eyes. It is great for theater productions and if you decide to transform yourself into a painter, you may paint your face to show the passion and interest towards your favorite painter.

Most face paints are non-toxic, so you can be sure that your skin will not be harmed from the paints. Additionally, most of them are waterproof.

What is the best white face paint to use?

The only thing more fun than painting a mask is painting a mask to look like another face!

"Portrait" style face paint is great for Halloween or costume parties, costumes, comedic performances or just plain fun!

While truly painting a mask rather than just putting on a face paint is best left to experienced face painters, there are a few options out there for the beginner as well.

How do you apply white face paint smoothly?

To apply creamy white face paint, smooth it out with a damp sponge applicator. You can also mix the paint with lotion to help with the application. Be sure to apply it heavily but not so much that it doesn’t blend well.


Like each of our other makeup articles, we consider what features the best white face paint has: it is high quality, performs well, looks natural, and comes in a variety of shades. As you can see, that means we have not chosen a traditional white paint, when we could have easily chosen a white grease paint. Instead, we have chosen paint that looks more natural, works well, and is easier to remove.

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Snazaroo Face PaintBest OverallSnazaroo Face Paint
Snazaroo Classic Face and Body PaintBudget PickSnazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint
Ben Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5Upgrade PickBen Nye Clown White Makeup CW-5