9 Best Water Brushes For Beginners, Calligraphy, and Professionals Reviewed

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Are you looking to get into watercolor painting, calligraphy, or maybe even use a brush dip pen? If you are, then this guide is for you. It covers a range of brushes for beginners to professionals that will help you complete your brush collection.

We will cover a range of different materials of the water brushes, their different sizes, and even what to look for when buying a water brush.

If you’re looking to pick up a water brush and paint like the professionals, then look no further.

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted TipsBest OverallPentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips
ROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/PkgBudget PickROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/Pkg
Caran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes BrushUpgrade PickCaran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes Brush

1. Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips

Our rating: 9 / 10

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips

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This Pentel Aquash brush features synthetic bristles with long bristles, and is made in Japan, like all of the products in this series. The length of the bristles are approximately 3.5 inches, so they're long enough to get the job done.

The tip of the bristles style is medium, which is the first tip style available in the ARTSCREEN series. The bristles are soft enough to blot and add texture when necessary, but also hard enough to create details and edges when necessary.

The Pentel Quicker-View is an amazing product for beginners who are looking to get into calligraphy, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and even for seasoned professionals who want a great brush that won't break the bank.

2. Caran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes Brush

Our rating: 9 / 10

Caran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes Brush

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The Caran d‘Ache d-ache 115.303.3pièce brushes brush (s) is a durable paint brush set for those who just started to dabble in watercolors. This set has the following features: white, red, and an ochre-colored brushes. The brushes have varying sizes and are great for splattering paint and mixing. The handles are made from mulberry, so they’re very strong and durable.

Caran d‘Ache is a leader in manufacturing writing instruments, with a hand sketch-inspired design of their products. Most of their items have received the German Design Award.

3. Sakura 39123 9-ml Tank Koi Water Color Brush

Our rating: 8 / 10

Sakura 39123 9-ml Tank Koi Water Color Brush

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  • Fade-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft bristles
  • Comfortable price
  • Offers many different pen designs
  • Designs are beautiful yet simple
  • Great for beginners
  • Great buy for the money


  • Doesn’t work on blotter paper
  • Pens a little stiff
  • Bigger size may require some effort to grip

One of the best ways to get started with calligraphy is to purchase the necessary tools. One of the tools that exhibit masterful craftsmanship is the Sakura Koi watercolor brushes. With the help of these pens, you can create various types of calligraphy for several purposes.

In fact, these pens are also found in the hands of many professional graphic designers. Each of the pens offers a long-wearing, high-quality design which is soft and will not produce any smudges while you play.

These pens can even be used by children so that they can learn the art of artistic calligraphy. These pens are best when used on paper, but for a more dramatic effect, it is also possible to use them on other surfaces.


Our rating: 8 / 10


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  • Brushes are made from premium quality materials
  • The paint flows smoothly
  • Has a flexible, long brush
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for drawing, painting, calligraphy, and much more


  • Brush tip cannot be replaced
  • Some colors may bleed

If you're a beginner who's just getting started with water brushes, this set from Kuretake is a great place to start. It has a series of brushes for you to experiment with your creativity. The brush tip is very flexible and long enough to give you more fine control over your art pieces.

The paint flows smoothly, and the brushes are capable of producing beautiful calligraphy lines and letters. The set is easy to clean, and you can simply watch your pigment dissolve and flow out from the brush. It's very easy to control your paint drip and master the technique. There are some colors that may bleed, so if you're working with a dark color, it's a good idea to coat it with a white acrylic paint to prevent it from staining your paper.

5. Yasutomo Niji Water Brush

Our rating: 8 / 10

Yasutomo Niji Water Brush

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  • Practical to use
  • Many sizes available
  • Affordable and lightweight bottle
  • Great flow control
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with its own brush holder

Cost: $

The Yasutomo Niji Water Brush is a must-have for every artist. It’s practical to use and is very inexpensive. It holds a good amount of water though you will have to refill it more often due to the large volume of water it uses.

The handle of the brush has spaces for five different brush sizes so you can interchange them. It’s also great for calligraphy work as well. The water flow when it streams out is medium-fast. It’s great for beginners and experienced calligraphers alike.

6. Derwent Art Supplies

Our rating: 8 / 10

Derwent Art Supplies

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This is a great budget-friendly option if you’re looking for 3 water brushes at once. They’re great for watercolor as well as traditional calligraphy and can produce a massive range of lines. Moreover, they’re easy to clean and you can take them anywhere you want with you because of their compact size.

7. ROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/Pkg

Our rating: 7 / 10

ROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/Pkg

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  • Size is great for a variety of purposes
  • Softer sponges are easy to handle
  • Set includes full range of sizes
  • Help control the flow of water


  • Some users have been disappointed by the color
  • Remember that you have to use a different color sponge for certain types of arts & crafts

These watercolor sponges from Royal Brush provide a quality alternative to stippling, mop and other brushing methods.

The sponges have a velvety feel and are perfect for watercoloring. You can use the colored side to make broad strokes and then flip the sponge over to use the white side for details.

They are available in 8 different colors making it easy to color code a different sponge for each color.

8. Canson, 9 by 12-Inch

Our rating: 6 / 10

Canson, 9 by 12-Inch

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9. AQUAnaut Flow Refillable Water Brush Pen Set

Our rating: 6 / 10

AQUAnaut Flow Refillable Water Brush Pen Set

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  • Includes an adaptor for a steady stream of water
  • Works with water or ink
  • Medium tip allows for more detail work
  • Plastic brush is BPA-free
  • Accessories included
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Multiple colors and tips offered


  • Air bubbles in the converter are common
  • The plastic could crack under repeated use
  • Brushes inside are smaller than expected
  • Does not hold much water

The AQUAnaut Flow paintbrush is the easiest, most portable paintbrush we’ve ever tried to paint with. The brush bristles are tough and easy to hold. It’s lightweight and easy to fill without a single leak.

The paintbrush tip allows for a steady stream of paint. Paint flows easily and the tip is very accurate. You can do painting, drawing, calligraphy, or a variety of other paintbrush style crafts.

The brush handle is fold-able. This is incredibly helpful when putting the paintbrush away or traveling. It’s compact enough that you could tuck it in your pocket or just put in in the palm of your hand.

10. Holbein Art Water Brush Twin Set

Our rating: 3 / 10

Holbein Art Water Brush Twin Set

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  • Durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Very easy to use

If you are looking for a set of water brushes that you can take anywhere and anywhere without a problem, then this set of 2 brushes from Holbein may be just the right thing for you. These brushes are affordable, easy to use and very convenient.

They are made of a durable plastic material with soft nylon bristles that are fatter than you would get from most brushes. This makes it easier to use, especially for beginners trying to work with watercolors for the first time.

They are also non-toxic and very easy to clean. The set includes a lightweight brush holder that makes it easier to carry and handle. All in all, these brushes from Holbein are a great addition to anyone’s supplies or collection, and they do come at a very fair price.

11. 7 Piston Filler Waterbrush & Water Brush Fountain Pens Value Pack

Our rating: 3 / 10

7 Piston Filler Waterbrush & Water Brush Fountain Pens Value Pack

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The 7 Piston Filler Waterbrush is a calligraphy starter pack for anyone who wants to try their hand at the art of calligraphy. The nib is flexible and can be adjusted from a fine point to a wide point depending on your preference. However, one of the biggest benefits of stiffer nibs is their ability to deliver clean, crisp lettering.

You can choose from blue, black, red, green, and purple to mix and match with the different colored pens. The ink, however, is not permanent and can be washed off. You can also refill it with your favorite ink color or watercolor.

They’re great for beginners just getting started with calligraphy and want to dip their toe in a little. Pro calligraphers may find the 7 fountain pens a bit of a letdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best water brushes?

Water brushes provide the advantage of being able to use them with even the most sloppy drawing to still be able to produce consistent lines. A lot of watercolor artists prefer this over a brush pen, as it is easier to correct mistakes with a water brush and it is also easier to control for certain effects.

You can also use these types of brushes for calligraphy, which is a great objective for those with experience in brush lettering.

Overall, water brushes are a great collection piece for artists who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors or those who prefer an airy, whimsical style to a total-precision one.

What is best brand of watercolor brush pens?

The Amazon Basics Watercolor Brush Pens are way above average.

The brush tip is not too broad and paint does soak into the cover of the brush tip.

The actual watercolor paints are, simply put, just plain awesome. Trust me, you’d never want to use any other paint.

But, the biggest selling point of this bundle is its price. You would never have guessed that you could get a watercolor brush pen and 8 awesome watercolor paints in a package at such a cheap price.

What are the best brush pens for calligraphy?

A quick and dirty answer. Calligraphy is that beautiful, fancy handwriting you see in fancy penmanship. It is a decorative writing style used by both for professionals and by those just interested in lettering. The best brush pens for calligraphy must be at least dual tip, which means it will have an extra fine tip on the other end. This will ensure that your writing is clear and precise. In addition, they must have good ink flow, so that you are not frustrated by skips and gaps in your writing. Any pen with a good ink flow is going to be re-usable many times over.

Are water brushes good?

Yes, water brushes are good. In fact, they are great writing instruments, no matter how skilled you are at painting, sketching, or calligraphy.

If you are a beginner in this kind of master, you may be puzzled by the names of water brushes out there. What is a crow quill water brush?

We could break the myths about how your water brushes work, but that will make this article too long. We may discuss about them in another article.

Let us talk about the good ones, including the finest nine reviews of what we have found to be the best water brushes on the market today. You could pick one to allow you to explore your inner calligraphy and painting self-expression and creativity.


When it comes to choosing the best water brush, the phrase, “different strokes for different folks,” comes to mind. Depending on the unique requirements of your project, you should choose the brush that most closely meets your expectations. You should also take into consideration the type of paper, ink, and technique involved in your calligraphy project. Some brushes may be better if you’re creating Japanese or Chinese calligraphy, or if you’re using serif or sans-serif typefaces. Some may be better for calligraphy that is more bold, while others are better for calligraphy that emulates brush strokes.

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Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted TipsBest OverallPentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips
ROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/PkgBudget PickROYAL BRUSH Watercolor Sponges 6/Pkg
Caran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes BrushUpgrade PickCaran d 'Ache d-ache 115.303 3pièce – Brushes Brush